Family of Eateries

Interactive Mobile App


The Family of Eateries application is an innovative mobile application that was created to promote a fictional collection of restaurants. This application was designed with both aesthetics and practicality in mind, allowing users to navigate through the three restaurants within the collection with ease. On each restaurant's page, users can view restaurant details, browse the menu, and even make a reservation. All this can be done quickly and conveniently with the touch of a finger. Additionally, the design of the application was carefully crafted to provide users with an enjoyable and seamless experience.


The main goal was to ensure the app was designed to provide the best possible user-interface to the customer. To accomplish this, the design of the app had to be tailored to the specific restaurant chain. Once the design was established, it was easy to replicate and adjust the design to fit the other restaurant chains within the Family of Eateries. This ensured that all restaurant chains had an identical app with their own unique design. Through this project, we provided the customer with an intuitive and enjoyable mobile experience.


When designing the app, I carefully considered each restaurant's atmosphere and crafted three distinct categories to best match. Ceviche was classified as Modern and Elegance; its modern decor and upscale vibe were the perfect fit. For Five Vines, Traditional and Casual was the perfect choice; its cozy atmosphere and classic dishes helped guide the selection. Finally, Crispy's was labeled as Fun and Easy; its vibrant decor and casual feel lent itself to this category. By assigning each restaurant a category, I was able to create an app that was intuitive and easy to use.

Tools Used







I used Adobe XD to create a prototype, and Adobe Photoshop for image editing. Adobe Illustrator was used to craft a logo as well as other design elements. The software allowed me to accurately create the look and feel of the app, providing the customer with an intuitive and visually appealing experience. Through the use of these tools, I was able to ensure that the application would run smoothly, while still providing an aesthetically pleasing interface.



Five Vines